How to Help

Helping the slow loris

There are a lot of ways you can give the slow loris a helping hand and help end the illegal trade!

Here is a link to petition asking Facebook to add an option for reporting animal abuse in the content users share. This would allow videos of loris “tickling” to be flagged and taken down:

And here is a link to a pledge you can sign, promising not to promote “tickling” videos on social media and to educate people about how these videos are actually showing animal cruelty. They also list a number of other ways you can get involved in spreading awareness about the plight of the slow loris:

You can even symbolically “adopt” a slow loris or make a donation to promote slow loris conservation through the Little Fireface Project:

If you are very passionate about loris survival and would like to help in  more hands-on way and see a bit more of the world, maybe volunteering is for you. The Little Fireface Project accepts applications for volunteers for their field site in Java:


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